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About Us

The Birth of Composed Rose....

Composed Rose was created from a dream and a conversation between two best friends, Courtney and Clarisa. Both ladies, who have a serious passion for fashion and a slight obsession with shopping, were discussing how it was Clarisa's dream to own her own clothing boutique but she had no idea where to even begin. Courtney, with her history in banking and business, suggested that the two of them go in to business together and their baby, Composed Rose, was born. 

Composed Rose-Courtney and Clarisa


A Note from Claire and Court, and Our Promise to You...

We have spent countless hours researching what is out there in the world of online boutiques. We wanted to know what sells and what is missing that we could possibly provide. We took a trip to the Atlanta Market, before we even opened our site to the public because the quality of the products we sell was of the highest importance to both of us. We have both ordered items before and have been disappointed when they fell apart after the first wear and we did not want that for our customers. So we have touched, inspected, and tried on every item we sell. After quality, design was the next on the list of importance. We wanted items that reflected not only our own personal styles, but items that could reflect each of your (our customers) personal needs. In our research, we found a lack of boutiques offering workwear, so we decided that was an area we wanted to provide, so keep an eye out for our workwear collection's growth, as we have new arrivals coming in soon. Lastly, we wanted to pay attention to fashion trends, but also make sure that we find pieces that have a classic feel that can last past the trend. Because we are both avid shoppers, ourselves, we understand that we all want to know our money was well spent on something we can keep longer than one season. 

This store, Composed Rose, truly is our baby and we are excited to watch her grow! We want you all to be a part of this journey. We truly want to hear from each and every one of you! What did you love or not love? Why? What would you like to see more or less of? Seriously, email us, reach out... you are who we are thinking of in every decision we make. We promise to always be here, to listen, to provide quality clothing with honest descriptions, to work hard to find what you are looking for, and to always think of you first! To both of us, this is more than a boutique, it is our dreams coming true! Thank you for supporting us and following us on our journey.